Window 1710 – Love is the road map for everything

tiltPeople curse Great Spirit when a natural disaster happens and when a person that is consumed with darkness, lashes out and hurts people; But… when those horrible things happen, we all seem to unify in love and help one another and create bonds of friendship, more than any other time, so… could it be that through these horrible and painful situations, Great Spirit is trying to teach us how to walk in love 24/7, instead of having to be shaken, from our self-absorbed lives, to be loving.

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Window 1574 – Express yourself

bridgeAsking for help shows great strength, not weakness… For if we just try to push down our pain, it comes out it every other area of our life negatively.

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Window 1392 -Compassion awakens us


If we don’t acknowledge what another person is feeling, we are not listening… we may not fully understand or agree, but if we truly listen, we will gain a new perspective that we did not have.

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Window 1241 – The glue

imagesUDB867CHAs long as we are on the same page in life as the person we are walking through it with, we can endure anything.

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Window 1065 – communicate your heart

imagesB8DCSBHZIf we are unable to voice our soul in a relationship, we will never survive as a unit.

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Window 760- The heart trumps the ego


Any response to violence that is returned in violence changes nothing; but a response that is returned in peace and love is absorbed and can open a portal for change.

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Window 698 – Put kindness first


It doesn’t take money to be kind,it doesn’t take a specific skin color to be kind, it doesn’t  take a specific religion to be kind,  it doesn’t take a privileged life to be kind, it doesn’t take an education to be kind and it does not take good parents to be kind.

Kindness is within every single person that has a beating heart; but the choice to  choose kindness, is solely determined by the power of one’s mind over heart, which is still a choice.

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Window 684 -Pure Beauty


The most beautiful thing, is a heart that see’s everyone through eyes of love and compassion, without snarls of judgment.

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