Window 1468 – Hard times = great change

sun and yellow

When we go against our internal  direction, the universe will step in to save us… and the situation we are placed in may seem unbearable… but it will always turn out to be our greatest gift of internal change.

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Window 902 – Embrace the unexpected


When the universe pulls us out of our comfort zone, it is not to break us, it is to build us up into that which we can not yet see in our self… and if we look back or return to our comfort, we are only delaying our greatness.

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Window 519 – What we were, is not what we are

photo(321)~How can we put our trust in a stranger to tell us what we were in a past life when they are not Great Spirit.~

If the universe wanted us to remember any of the past lives that we may  have lived, that memory would have been placed in us for this journey… so don’t waste energy on the wonder of something you cannot recall… or put your trust and money into some corner psychic… just learn from the past that you can remember… and be the best you.
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Window 487 – Surrounded by love

photo(309)When a crowd of people connect through the view of something loving, it feels like a glimpse of what heaven must be like.
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Window 416 – Let the Universe reply

photo(231)When we retaliate against those who have wronged us the energy of negativity increases, but when we allow the universe to school our attacker, a supernatural teaching takes place.

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Window 303 – an endless search


“When we stop searching for the spiritual signs to find our way, they will begin to appear and be seen within the simplicity of everything we do.”

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Window 276 – Destination unknown


“Whatever has come our way will lead us to where we are suppose to arrive, in timing that is not of our own, but that of the Divine.”

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Window 224 – unforseen changes


“When a sudden change shatters the life you thought would be, all you can do is embrace the change that has arrived and trust that there is a plan beyond what you can see.    The universe is your designer and the change that is taking place, is the beginning construction of the plan.”

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Window 193 – A partner of love, will find you


“When love comes calling for us it will never leave, but when we seek it out on our own, it will always run away, because we called on it to come, instead of allowing it to arrive through the timing of the Divine.”

We must wait on the universe to send a partner of love in our direction, for if we seek out a sleepless dream, we will fall in love with a love that is not meant to be.

Love will come to us through the winds of the unseen when we least expect it, and when it arrives the depth our spirit will know that it is a love that is true, for it will be a love that continues to grow and never leaves.

Seek only love for yourself and then when you are love, true love from another, will come find you.

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Window 152 – Nothing can be hidden from divine law


“The sacred laws of the spirit world, are above all laws in the  physical world; nothing  slips by the eyes of the universe, no matter how well you may have hidden your darkness from the law in the physical world,  spirit  will come with a vengeance to right the wrongs of your behavior, and illuminate the truth.”

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