Window 1559 – Service to others

pierThe most powerful words you can say to another person are… ” you are not alone, and I am here for you.”  

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Window 846 – untraveled territory


Every sharp turn that spins us down a road unknown,  lands us exactly where we are meant to be, to learn our greatest lessons. 

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Window 803 – Love illuminates all that is hidden


Only through love; can an understanding arise, for that which is so misunderstood.

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Window 690 – Our thoughts are not always a view of truth


Everyone’s perception of a memory is different; but if we can unite  with one another and be open to a view outside of  our own, not only will the truth be illuminated, but growth within all, will expand beyond self-willed thinking.

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Window 260 – Fear is a fraud


“Our worries of the future  block us from seeing the endless possibilities of positive scenarios that can change for us.”

The fear of “what if” are the two words that throw us into a state of anxiety and stress but if we change the meaning of “what if” to thoughts of something extraordinary happening, something extraordinary will happen…we won’t be in fear. 

Life is constantly changing and whatever struggles we are enduring will change, but we must also change the outlook of what we envision, or what we fear will find us to bring our vision of “what if” to light.

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Window 224 – unforseen changes


“When a sudden change shatters the life you thought would be, all you can do is embrace the change that has arrived and trust that there is a plan beyond what you can see.    The universe is your designer and the change that is taking place, is the beginning construction of the plan.”

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