Window 1344 – Unwarranted heaviness


Guilt, is not poured into us by Great Spirit, it is the whisper of darkness that tries to steal our self worth.

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Window 1153 – Shake off the reaction of others


To overlook sharp daggers being thrown by either voice or dark stares, one must hold onto the knowing of God’s word, that we are not any less of a person, due to what another person thinks of us.

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Window 157 – Let love be the appearance we see in the mirror


“If there were no mirrors the beauty of one’s heart would be the prime focus above anyone’s physical appearance.”

Our world has become fixated on the physical appearance of people, which has set a standard for what the ideal image should entail, to which both women and men are debilitating their spirit, and self-worth, to conform to this judgmental image which is completely useless in every other aspect of life, other than visual pleasure.

The color of our skin, our weight, or any unique physical features are “not” the heart of a person… our love, kindness, compassion and service to others should be our fixation, because those qualities remove all other negative judgments from forming, and help everyone to feel the worth that we already are, which allows the mirror becomes just an object, instead of a sword.

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Window 118 – Love releases anger and fear


“The cause of our pain does not have to become our anger, but if we allow anger to block our love from shining, we become the creator of our own pain.”

When we fill ourselves up with anger due to the things that hurt us, we diminish our love and light from shinning, and we cause more pain to our self, than what hurt us. 

Love conquers everything;  so don’t become filled with anger from your pain, instead, empty yourself through forgiveness, and fill up on love… because when we see things through the eyes of love, we see things through the eyes of the divine, in everything.

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Window 112 – A selfish heart does not exist


“When you can see the area’s within yourself that you are selfish, you will begin to see your true self emerge.”

When we are not fully awake to the voice of our heart, there will be areas within us that only “do” for the good of self; but… the more we evolve, the more the  voice of our heart is heard, and the light of our soul becomes a light for others, instead of shining only within.

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A simple Thought


“We all have free will, but it does not mean that we should act on our wants, above the will of the divine.”


Window 108 – We must dig deep to obtain depth


“If our own point of view is all we can see, then the view-point of others will always be a self-reflection.”

What we think we know always has more depth, so we must remain open and eager to hear the thoughts, and insight of others, or we will become buried in surface knowledge, as the depth of truth unfolds around us.


Window 85 – Our lowest moments become our light


“Our life journey may lead us to the lowest place in life that we never imagined we would go but… it is the exact place we needed to go in order to get where we are destined to be.”

Everyone is constantly rotating between the role of teacher and student throughout the  cycles of life. We all have unique strengths and weaknesses for enduring certain situations and for those that we are weak, someone will become our strength and for those that we are  strong, we will be the strength for someone else.

When the role of student feels like an endless battle of failed tests a path of darkness will appear disguised as light and if we choose to follow that direction we can quickly end up in a place we never imagined we would go… but upon arrival all the answers that we had been seeking will become crystal clear.

All dark spaces of the mind must be endured in order to fill them with light… and all travel to darkened places are your training to be a teacher.   Never view aspects of your journey as a failure or punishment; because what you endure heals you and provides guidance and wisdom for others enduring the same.

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