Window 1709 – Living in darkness

pinwheel.pngIf you don’t know Jesus, you will never know the darkness that controls you… you will just always be the puppet.  Jesus is the only way to cut the strings.

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Window 1433 – Understanding another person


A walk in another persons shoes, will never be an exact walk… but it will have a great impact of understanding and leave a mark on our heart.

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Window 1430 – Love is the solution


If we could all see ourselves with the eyes of Great Spirit, there would be no damaging internal thoughts,  to distract us from love.

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Window 1261 – Clarity


We can only change what we can see; for without a clear internal view, the truth of what is, is will always be distorted.

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Window 1100 – To awaken we must be alert

imagesV9L3IFQ5Every bump in the road is a wake up call for a change we must look for, or one that is right in front of us.

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Window 1071 -Viewing others opinions

images5AS8O0IXEveryone has  their own view of what they see as their truth; so instead of shutting down another persons view, because is distant from our own… we need to try to at least look in their direction, for our view is not always crystal clear.

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Window 1050 – change is always possible

images4C3SHQFYIf that what surrounds you, drains you… then change your surroundings to what revitalizes you… and yes it is that simple, because you always have a choice.

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