Window 1736 -Hurtful words are untrue


You are not the hurtful words that anyone labels you… You are perfect in God’s eyes… now all you need to do, is own that truth.

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Window 1393 – An open mind keeps us on an open road.


When all we can see is our own way, the right way will never be found, all due to our ego being in control.

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Window 1286 – Power of our thoughts


If we do not have a vision for what we want in life, everything will remain as is.

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Window 824 – Don’t believe what you have not wittnessed with your own eyes


That what is represented to us does not always mean it is an authentic view… for reality is only truly shown out of the sight of a watching eye.

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Window 777 – Don’t doubt what you believe in your heart


If it has been shown  in a vision or heard  in a whisper, it will come to fruition.  But every time we start to second guess its arrival, our slip of faith creates a roadblock of delay.

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Window 763 – Anything is possible


That what appears to be impossible, holds hidden possibilities that can only be seen when we look through the vision of Divine eyes and then listen for the heart whisper that say’s… yes you can.

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Window 623 – Look around what is blocking your view

IMG_0499When we become tunneled in our vision of what we are enduring, we are unable to see the lighted pathway of guidance, that is outside the tunnel. 

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