Window 1480 – We hold the power of what we think and say


The only way to change our negative thoughts, is to immediately say the opposite of what the negative voices are saying… and continue to say them, until they become normal.

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Window 1354 – A great awakening


The only way to keep our spirit in a lighted state, is to stay connected  with the Greatest spirit of all… for without that connection, we have no armor to protect our self against darkness.

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Window 1198 – The voice of truth

imagesXE3W9NTGOur mind can play tricks on us, but our heart always speaks the truth… so know what you are listening to.

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Window 1142 – Step away from your electronics

imagesR2TW5W3NIn the stillness of nature, all of your answers will come to light.

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Window 1117 -Listening to the wrong voice

imagesC25YN4EDThe voices that tell you that you are not right or good enough, are just dark voices  trying to keep you from seeing how great you are.

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Window 1106 – Pay attention to your thoughts

imagesPM0AOWBIA spinning mind can only be silenced, when one knows who the  puppeteer is, behind the voices that keep replaying.

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Window 1062 – Choose your internal words

8bd3de88b3ff79f80d44f1c7f5c43b32Every negative thought we speak toward our self takes root… so the only way to stop it from growing into fruition, is to override our  internal voices into what we desire to be… and the best way we can do that, is by being our own cheerleader, even .

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