Window 1653 – Jesus is really the way

crossThe war’s around the world are minor, compared to the spiritual warfare that is attacking all of us… most people have no clue or are stuck in the grips of  organized religion, unable to see the truth, to which they are easily taken over by darkness to fulfill its evil.

Jesus, is the only weapon that can defend us against darkness, and the cross represents that power. No matter what religious teaching you have been trained in, or if you have zero knowledge of him…Jesus, is the only one who can help you through  this spiritual warfare… so get to know him.

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Window 736 – Fight darkness with love


Every time that love wins a battle, darkness will be lurking heavily, awaiting the perfect opportunity, to strike again.

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Window 262 – An unseen battle



“The poison within our mind comes from an unseen force that is trying to penetrate our heart to break our connection to the Divine.”

There is a spiritual warfare taking place that cannot be seen with the physical eye, but is felt through our senses, emotions and unexplainable situations that are disturbing individuals and tearing apart the family unit…

The only way to protect ourselves is to create and maintain a strong connection with God, because God is the only armor of protection that can save us in a battle.

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