Window 1579 – True Prayers are love, not hate


Praying for bad things to happen to others, is not a prayer, it is a conversation with evil.

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Window 1576 – Direction and wishes

colorThat which comes to us, is directed for us… and that which we desire, but never comes, is not meant for us… but what comes, is always better than any our desires.

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Window 976 – Put love above everything

imagesEVFSN4L9We cannot allow those that hate, to shatter our love towards others…  for we must remain in love, in order to help love emerge within others… for love always wins.

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Window 845 – Wishing, Waiting, Wanting


Everything that is meant to be a part of our earthly journey, will arrive at the perfect time… so we must stop trying make things happen and stop stressing over the date and time of its arrival…. for if it is truly meant to be, it will arrive.

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Window 836 – An untainted reflection


If we cannot face our own truth, everything we share with others is just a  false reality of who we wish we could be, instead of who we are.

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Window 300 – Grace


Wish for nothing while walking in grace and you will be divinely blessed, because living in heart and walking in grace reaps rewards that will exceed all wishes and dreams dreamed.

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Window 250 – Divine fruition


“What we wish for becomes our dream and what we dream is a preview from spirit to show us what is coming, but what is fulfilled is the plan of the Divine, which will always out shine our own wishes and dreams.”

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