Window 1229 – Free from thought


A mind free of fear and worry, is like riding a bike as a child.

~ WOW ~ Registered & Protected 


Window 1148 – Think peace

imagesPC4SFRQTThe time we waste worrying about what others think of us, is time we should be spending on creating peace within… for when we are at peace we don’t take anything personal.

~ WOW ~

Window 1000 – Don’t be trapped by past emotions

images1VWA67LNOur fears from past pain will always arise, when we are faced with echo’s of similar pain… but we must remember that our old feelings, are not the present moment.

~ WOW ~

Window 872 – It not our place


We cannot change others; only great spirit can… so instead of worrying about what others are NOT doing, just make sure your focus is on your own assignment.

~ WOW ~

Window 850 – Our hardest moments


It always becomes the hardest to bare, right before a change comes… so don’t ever give up, no matter how much your mind chatter screams that a change will never come… for the mind is not God.

~ WOW ~

Window 793 – Release your fears


When we push down our feelings we are internally exploding and the energy of that explosion is like smoke that will emerge out of areas that are not on fire.

So we must express what we feel in a heartfelt manner, to ensure that our tongue, is not the culprit of any fires.

~ WOW ~