Window 872 – It not our place


We cannot change¬†others; only great spirit can… so instead of worrying about what others are NOT doing, just make sure your focus is on your own assignment.

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Window 850 – Our hardest moments


It always becomes the hardest to bare, right before a change comes… so don’t ever give up, no matter how much your mind chatter screams that a change will never come… for the mind is not God.

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Window 793 – Release your fears


When we push down our feelings we are internally exploding and the energy of that explosion is like smoke that will emerge out of areas that are not on fire.

So we must express what we feel in a heartfelt manner, to ensure that our tongue, is not the culprit of any fires.

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Window 588 – Voice your fears

10501838_788252384558798_1554966187845793355_nWhen we hold in what we stress and fear, we create a tornado of internal negative energy, that will surface unjustly over something trivial that does not pertain to our stress and fear.

Voice what you fear and what causes you worry, even if you can only voice it aloud in private… because once you say it aloud, it diminishes the fuse of¬† negative energy that is trying to explode internally.

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Window 249 – The chatter of lies


“When we can escape the grips of our mind, the voice of our spirit emerges and all the screaming mind chatter becomes a whisper of lies that can no longer be heard, because the whispers of spirit become the screams of truth.”

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Window 239 – Divine connection


“When we feel like we are suffocating within our life situations, we have forgotten that God is our source of breath.”

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