Window 1778 -Riding out the turbulence


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The closer we get to reaching the finish line of a chapter in our life journey, the more we will be hit with random internal struggles, that are orchestrated by darkness… to try to make us believe, that we are not worthy, of the blessings that are about to arrive.

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Window 1412 -You are good


You are good enough, your worth as a person, is no less than another… and no matter what your circumstances are… You are a loved… so own it, stand tall and don’t let anyone’s words or actions break you.

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Window 1408 – Take time out for you


When we put our self on the back burner, we will never be able to give back with our fullest potential.

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Window 1327 -Don’t let anyone lower your worth


When we base our worth on another persons opinion, our true self will never be known.

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Window 1211 – See the greatness within you and your life


Jealousy and envy will always be a part of us, until we see our own worth as a human being… to which then… we are able to genuinely  feel happiness , for the great things that happen to other people.

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Window 1053 – Forgive yourself and get back up

imagesQ3TCVNKI.jpgOur mistakes do not diminish our self worth… judgment does… but only if we take ownership of  what our own mind or the minds of others project on us.

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Window 920 – Don’t let your thoughts steal your joy


When our self-worth is low, we believe that we are the cause of everything wrong… when in reality, the only thing wrong is our thinking… because we are worth everything that we dream, no matter what has happened in our past.

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