Window 1568 – pushing down pain

hikeThat what we push down, emerges with a force that creates unwarranted wounds, to innocent bystanders.

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Window 1375 – The power of our spirit


Some wounds will forever haunt us, but as long as we continue to move forward, we are growing in strength… so we must give ourselves credit for still standing today.

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Window 1323 – Don’t let old wounds determine your worth


When our self esteem is low, we will remain in situations that are beneath our worth, out of fear of feeling any lower… until we awaken to our own unique greatness, that is already within us.

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Window 1173 – Pass on greatness


If we do not heal our mental wounds of past pain, the energy of those wounds will be passed onto the future of our lineage.

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Window 985 -Stop suffering and release the pain

imagesZ9GAD7X0The more we try to keep our wounds concealed, the more they will emerge into the areas of our life, that do not pertain to our wound. 

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Window 856 – Don’t take ownership of ugly words


 If we allow hurtful words to re-open our emotional wounds, we are still in belief that the words that wounded us are true… when in reality, it is just a word, being used by someone else that is wounded.

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