Photos on my page

The beautiful photos that I attach to my posts are NOT ALL of my personal pictures. I get a lot of them from the wallpaper on my phone, which do not give the artists name…therefore I just want to be clear that I am NOT taking credit for the photos in my posts… only what is written.

If anyone comes across a posted photo that  knows the artist who captured it, feel free to let me know and will happily attach the name. I just think the pic’s are amazing and want to pass on the beauty that crosses my path for all to see.

2 thoughts on “Photos on my page

  1. WordPress consistently prevents me from logging in ~ yours is not the only site by far. As a former photographer, reflecting the Spirit Essence in both people and in Nature, I’m keenly attuned with the few photos I’ve seen so far. Being unable to access your photos page, so far, if you have any suggestions for being with you, I’d gratefully receive them. Additionally, I’m Anishinaabe-Ojibwe. As I read your introduction, “About Me”, I felt a deep resonance as if I had written those thoughts. Having been a 1st generation product of a father in a mission school, I never learned my culture ~ the Indian me is in my bones. I look forward to further sharings. With Blessings to US ALL for ALL THAT WE ARE ~ HERE ~ NOW. ~J~

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