Window 3


~ While following your path and purpose sometimes you will walk against the wind to reach your destination but if you stay true to what you know, and follow your heart the winds will change and push you effortlessly.~


Following your heart and doing what you know is right for you on your personal life journey may entail going against the mainstream of society, family, and friends and also may make you feel as though you  walking through life completely alone.  It is in those moments of standing alone in fear that your mind will try talk you out of following what your heart is pulling you to do and your choice is crucial.

When you veer off your path your perception of what is really happening will be distorted because you are trying to make your new path fit.  You will try to talk yourself into believing your choice is great but when you are alone with your thoughts you will hear the whisper of your heart telling you to turn around and you will have an internal uneasiness that will haunt you.

Your heart is the key to your connection for guidance from Great Spirit and Spirit will always give you numerous signs in the physical world to show you that you are walking straight  on your path. But if you allow the static of your mind to override your heart you will miss the signs and hit a blocked wall or even rock bottom.

You always have a choice and your internal voice is your guidance so do not ignore it out of fear, guilt, or because someone else tells you to… Listen and feel the wind against your back pushing you to become the best you.


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