Window 190 – The door to our truth, can only be opened from within


“When we are unable to face the truth of our own feelings, we will vent our emotional pain upon anyone that goes against what we are trying to control, due to the exhaustion of representing our self as the truth, we wish we could be.”

 True freedom can only be felt when we stop concealing our thoughts, desires, and beliefs, and stop pretending to be someone we are not, or pleasing others out of fear; for when our truth is spoken, our spirit emerges, and our fear becomes void, to which freedom of our true self takes flight.

~ WOW ~

12 thoughts on “Window 190 – The door to our truth, can only be opened from within

  1. 100%, what are we avoiding most days, ourselves, great post, we all need to be set straight on things, and this hits the nail on the head, God is real, amen, blessings

  2. Lovely post… Yes you hit the nail on the head… Only when we are done with playing the power game that our physical reality is all about, do we become invisible to others, and leave us alone to fly into our freedom… Barbara

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