Window 1282 – Yes you can endure this




Every challenge leads us to a place of strength, that is  buried deep within, that we thought was none existent.

~ WOW ~ Registered & Protected  3TRN-S0US-YFUD-UASH


3 thoughts on “Window 1282 – Yes you can endure this

  1. Just a thought…..staying the course takes courage and strength in order to arrive at a deeper understanding. There is always a point when I consider quitting and of course the point where I had that choice is long gone. But then I recall the sweet peace of understanding and I keep on going. All hard places pass and are replaced with light.

    • What I was meaning through my words was… you find strength you had no idea you had while going through tough challenges. I agree with you though. Thank you , and so nice to see you Gretchen.

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