Window 1700 – Life is not in your phone

purple cityWhen technology  overrides one’s awareness to the present moment, everyone around them suffers.

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4 thoughts on “Window 1700 – Life is not in your phone

  1. A social challenge that is world wide, and I don’t see it improving. We were in a restaurant yesterday, and a father handed a phone to maybe a two year old to keep her occupied and quiet, then he pulled his phone out to scroll, while his wife tended a new born. No one at the table talked. When the food arrived, they ate in silence, then went back to the phones before leaving. That’s living?

    • Judy, I see the same exact thing taking place and it is a mind blower! Ya know I live on a small island and the kids still do play outside here and it almost brings me to tears, because it is such a rare thing to see… It is so sad and so maddening at the same time… Yes technology is good, but it has become so much more… people don’t even know who they are and they are competing with a false image of what life should be. I also ride and I have to constantly watch out for people texting… I mean, if you cannot drive without looking at your dumb phone, you should just stay home.

  2. whatever happened to face to face
    communicating now done by cyberspace
    her facebook page was pure fabrication
    re-tweeted fake news without hesitation

    remember when the phone was attached to a line
    a shrug of the shoulders, a wink, were a true sign
    text was what you read on a printed page
    before the cost of a phone became the golden age

    e-mails a record of instant mistakes
    not as much fun as tipping jakes
    egomaniacs in love with taking the selfies
    next they will be  doing the video strip tease

    applications for everything but common sense
    the more expensive the bigger the pretense
    Dick Tracy’s wrist communicator is now reality
    making the user smarter is no guarantee

    don’t have a cell phone, it’s not a disgrace
    face to face is still enjoyed by the human race


    • Michael, you totally nailed it and beautifully put… It is really sad, because people cannot look up from their phone, or put them down and small children are being raised on an ipad… yes I know they need to be in the know to survive, but why before they even start school!
      people cannot drive without texting and I find myself counting the cars of people looking down that pass me and wonder how they do anything! people run into me in the store because they are looking down, it’s maddening and just so sad. I truly believe that if people put their phones away and engaged in the moment they would see that stupid selfies and pictures of food and trying to impress is not living… being in the moment and absorbing it is and you learn so much more, and have nothing to compete with. Thank you for your great insight and friendship.

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