Window 74 – What you think is the problem never is





The storms of life are not problems; They are the things in life that unjustly give us permission to explode and unload  our pain of something hidden within us that we have not yet faced or let go of.

Life is filled with many changes of ups and downs with daily stop signs that detour us or cause us to figure out a whole new route…some days it is smooth sailing and others are like navigating through a horrible storm.  Our detours are not problems they are just a part of life.

When you find yourself unraveling over some life detour and you reached your limit and explode; you are not exploding from the detour… The problem at hand that causes the explosion is not the problem… It is something much deeper that creeps up because we have not let go of or that we have been carrying around with us from childhood or a past relationship.

Something reminds us of our hidden baggage and we push it down or pretend it does not bother us but it builds and builds over time and then some life storm blows in and it becomes the perfect opportunity to release our pain.

It is in the moment right before you feel like you are going to blow that you need to really look inside and search hard and quickly as to what is “really “bothering you and if you are truthful with yourself you will find the answer and it is within that answer that defuses the explosion and begins the healing and release of a bag that does not need to be carried.

~ WOW ~

3 thoughts on “Window 74 – What you think is the problem never is

  1. Spot on :). I started using this technique a few years ago – when i started reading Tolle, I think. If i was feeling niggly or out of sorts, I would ask myself what the problem really was. It was never what was in front of me, that’s for sure ;). It pays to excavate.

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