Window 55 – Nature is a piece of Heaven

Nature is a piece of the spirit world that is shared with the physical world for the purpose of providing  some comforts of home; that are to help us stay connected to our source, as we endure our physical journey.

The elements of nature hold the messages, magic, miracles and signs from the spirit world that connects to the spirit of who we are, through the elements that we connected with, as a spirit.  

Our connection with nature is what unconsciously recharges our spirit: that is why we seek to be in nature on our vacations, surround our homes in plants, trees, rocks and bird-feeders and send flowers as a means of comfort, celebration and cheer for one another because they are a reminder of home.

Nature calls and pulls us into it for a higher purpose other than its beauty; we must not ignore it, abuse it or take it for granted… We must cherish it and connect to the simplicity of signs and warnings that are given  to help us stay grounded and aligned with our source.

~ WOW ~

2 thoughts on “Window 55 – Nature is a piece of Heaven

  1. Brilliant. How better our world could be if we all respected Mother Earth and took the time to embrace all that nature has to offer, from medicine, to peace, to joy, to cleansing, to love. Beautiful post, thank you.

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