Window 1184 – Are you really angry or just holding on to the past


All anger stems from a painful situation in our past, that replays in our thoughts when we are faced with a similar situation… but the situation is not our past, only our thought’s are.

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Window 1183 – Keep focus on the light


Children  are drawn to the light and run from darkness…if we  were to all follow in their  innocent untainted footsteps, darkness would not have such easy pickings to  grab hold of.

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Window 1181 -Find the good and forgive (5)

When we reflect on the relationships of our past and still have hatred in our heart…we have not grown or found true forgiveness.



Window 1180 -Know your strengths and weaknesses

imagesTB2KVDG3If we do not know our own limits, we will always be falling down without a net… but when we know what are limits are, we become the net.

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Window 1179 -We are all equal


The same amount of holy spirit is poured into each of us… and it is up to us, to choose  whether or not we want to awaken to the magic.

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