Window 757 – The fight to be heard and understood


Screaming to be heard deafens the ears of a listener and will only penetrate the mind; but heart spoken words in the tone of a whisper, can shatter an eardrum, and awaken ones heart to hear more clearly.

~ WOW ~

Window 756 – Conscious choices


The colors of our past have created the canvas of our present moment; and what we paint today will be the colors of our future…So we must be conscious in our choice of color, to ensure that we are  creating inner peace.

~ WOW~

Window 755 – No matter how hard it is, keep going


In the moments when you feel like you cannot take another step on the path that you  are walking; even though you know it is way, you must continue taking steps.

For if you give up and turn around, you will never reach your destiny, of where God is guiding you to be.

~ WOW ~

Window 754 – We are all unique, but the same


God made us all different for the purpose of teaching us to see ourselves in everyone, because we are all equally the same.

~ WOW ~

Window 753 – The poison of anger


Whenever we hold onto anger, we block the energy of love from flowing freely, into every aspect of our life.

Window 752 – Love who you are


When being alone is like hanging out with your best friend; you have come to a place of  love and acceptance of  yourself.

~ WOW ~

Window 751- Don’t let your mind stop you


Procrastination is a human trait, that depletes the power of our inner spirit.  Therefore, in order to live by the guidance of spirit, we must be spontaneous and accepting of constant change.

~ WOW ~