Window 880 – Don’t let your view become clouded


We must not allow our life circumstances to crush our dreams, of what we envision our future to be.

~ WOW ~

Window 879 – Continue to see the beauty in what you have


That what we take for granted, will disappear if we do not cherish it.

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Window 878 – Look at right now


Peace becomes us; when we can finally understand that every moment can be peaceful, when our thoughts of the future are turned off and we tune into the blessings, that we are already surrounded in.

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Window 877 – The chatter of the past


The fear of failure does not stem from  our past mistakes…it comes from someone shaming us, for making a poor choice, to which we continue to carry with us in the present.

Window 875 – The Simplicity of kindness


We are all just small drops in a big world, but we can have a big impact on the lives of others, by just being loving and kind.

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Window 873 – Trust the hand of the Divine


When we force things to happen they fall apart because they were not meant to be… but when we allow it to unfold in Divine timing, it falls into place without much effort or added stress.

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Window 872 – It not our place


We cannot change others; only great spirit can… so instead of worrying about what others are NOT doing, just make sure your focus is on your own assignment.

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Window 871- Never throw a stone


If we can remember what we have done to other people in our past, we will be able to overlook what others have done to us… For all negative actions are just outbursts of pain that have been bottled up.

~ WOW ~