I Love You Jesus


Imagine if Jesus was your child and you had to watch those with closed hearts torture him…he endured an evil that is indescribable, to free us,  teach us, and illuminate our way through the power of Great Spirit, to which only love, creates our connection.

I love you Jesus, and I thank you for enduring the horrific evil and pain, out of love for us.

 ~ WOW ~

Window 170 -The Divine way, will always be fulfilled


“The will of our creator will be fulfilled, whether or not we are willing to surrender to the way we think, will bring fruition to our own desires.”

We are all interconnected to the lives of each other like a gigantic puzzle that can only be put together by the divine. We are given signs in every aspect of our life to help place ourselves in the correct space for his will to unfold, but when we go against our inner knowing to fulfill our own desires, we become the missing piece, that disconnects us from the puzzle.

~ WOW ~

Window 169 – Silent thoughts scream


 “If the private chatter of our thoughts would not be safe for another person to hear, then we should not be listening.”

Negative thoughts contaminate the energy field for our self and others with feelings of a scream, so we must be conscious when dwelling in thought, so that we are spreading screams of love, that are felt in a whisper.

~ WOW ~

Window 168 – Diffuse hatred with Love


A person that asks you to carry their bags of hatred toward someone  else, that has done nothing to you; is a person that is emotional wounded and looking for company, to help them endure their suffering.

The only way to diffuse hatred, is through love; so if someone tries to get you to join in their hate campaign for another person, walk away in the direction of love, and leave a trail of seeds for those who follow, to bloom in love

~ WOW ~

Window 167 – Our insecurities are portals for darkness


“Our silent insecurities are the pathways for darkness to enter our mind; and use them against us, by distracting us from hearing the voice of our heart, in hopes of pulling us away from the light of our spirit.”

If you feel like your insecurities have taken over your life; your connection with the divine has become weakened, and you must quickly look to the light , and allow “it” to become your distraction, which will blind your dark thoughts, that are NOT your own.

~ WOW ~

Window 166 – Don’t let yourself or another diminish your worth


When we walk with lies and secrets we carry with us the broken pieces of our self-worth, because when our worth has been diminished, we will compromise our integrity and our walk becomes a performance of strength, but internally we are walking in shame.

Our self-worth is void when we live as someone other than we are, or when someone has demeaned us into believing we are worth nothing because of a blunder.  With no worth we will either lie and re-invent our self to appear worthy, or we will act out in anger for being demeaned.  We are all equal in worth through the eyes of Great Spirit , so don’t allow anyone to dismiss you as nothing, because you are everything, with nothing.

~ WOW ~

Window 165 – There are no enemies with Divine love


“When we can see our enemies with eyes of love, we have found true love for our self, and alignment with the divine, to which we are able see our self in those that call us the enemy.”


~ WOW ~