Window 818 – Color the world


Color changes the energy of everything…for that what is camouflaged or dark, can bloom into a bright energy, when love is behind the paintbrush.

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Window 817 – The truth will always shine through a higher power


When our spoken truth is heard with ears of disbelief, we must have trust and place our faith in God, to bring forth the truth, with his  magnitude of  glory.

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Window 816 – Childhood changes


When children lash out; they are being thrown into a change that is unfamiliar, unwanted or painful… and their negative actions are their way of saying,” help me”, I do not understand what I am having to endure.

So instead of a lashing out in return, one must connect from a  level of their pain and provide comfort and validation that they are encapsulated in your love…  and that your love will never weaver or change, amidst all life changes.

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Window 815 – Everything arrives at the perfect time


Just because what we dream has not yet arrived, does not mean the dream was just a fantasy…for our dreams are Divine seeds that bloom in Divine timing.

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Window 814 – Love opens all doors


 When we begin a crusade from a place of love; it gains great strength and speed… and becomes unstoppable.

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Window 813 – choices from the heart


 Every choice will either  bring us to a place of grace or disgrace, so choose with thoughts from the heart, to ensure a desired outcome.

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Window 812 – Give Love


A simple spoken word of encouragement plants a seed of love, to which a love toward one’s self, can begin to bloom.

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Window 811 – Our response measures our growth

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Our greatest test of our spiritual growth, is shown through our reaction, toward those who lash out at us.

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Window 810 – Rewards for our pain and suffering.

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We will placed in tasks that are out of our control and that are very unpleasant, but our task holds a deeper purpose than we can see, so we must trust in Divine reason and know that something will bloom from our efforts and dedication.

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