Window 519 – What we were, is not what we are

photo(321)~How can we put our trust in a stranger to tell us what we were in a past life when they are not Great Spirit.~

If the universe wanted us to remember any of the past lives that we may  have lived, that memory would have been placed in us for this journey… so don’t waste energy on the wonder of something you cannot recall… or put your trust and money into some corner psychic… just learn from the past that you can remember… and be the best you.
~ WOW ~

Window 518 – Endless lessons

photo(320)The lessons will always keep coming… nothing is ever mastered… there is always more to learn… so never beat yourself up when you feel like you have fallen, just get back up.
~ WOW ~

Window 517 – The freedom of being you

photo(337)~ Photo by Sandy Mulford ~

The Journey of finding the real you, begins with letting go of the labels that others have placed upon you and those that your mind has created.
~ WOW ~