Window 472 – Don’t go against what you know

photo(294)When we seek to find validation from others for the choices we have made, we have made the wrong choice.
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Window 471 – Facing the truth

photo(293)When we ask the universe to reveal the truth and then we turn our head to it because it is too hard to face… the truth will not only haunt us, but it will teach us a powerful lesson the hard way.
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Window 469 – Don’t point a finger

photo(291)It is easier to view the faults of another, because it distracts us from having to view our own and work on our self.
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Window 468 – Facing the truth within

photo(290)When we can acknowledge the areas within our self that are draining the power from who we desire to be… we become empowered to live in the heart of who we truly are.
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Window 467 – Awaken to your worth

photo(289)When we cannot let go or walk away from that which we know is not good for us, Something within us feels we deserve less than what we are truly worth.
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