Window 554 – Truth or Fall

10606490_321966624630249_6795172161694673991_nWhen our ego overrides the reality of what is; we observe  everything from a place of judgement, competition and fear, to which storms of consequences will arrive, to awaken our heart to face reality.

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Window 553 – It’s not all about you

10457882_507214522757657_6970247887784218448_nWhen we are consumed with our own self-image, the depth of those suffering around us remains unseen, because of our shallow view.

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Window 552 – The tug of war between light and darkness

10426160_322042541289324_3809038547556583254_nWhen we turn away from love, our mind has gained strength over our heart, in the pull between darkness and light.

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Window 551 -Thoughts between words

10615569_321060944720817_7525408347617556836_nWhen we hear words between those that are being spoken; it is we, that is feeling inferior to what is being said… when in reality, we are hearing our own thoughts, instead of the words being spoken.

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Window 550 – The crash of awakening

10559802_520195758126200_184658969850104960_nWe only crumble when we become full, from absorbing the thoughts of our ego… to which we must empty, in order to find the voice of our heart, that grounds us back to the spirit of who we truly are.

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Window 549 – Look with your heart

10584094_798844183499618_3754176574806855945_nEveryone has a different view; but when we look at things through the eyes of love, we can see a depth’s of color, that cannot be seen from the view of our mind.

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Window 548 – Sunday does not make you spiritual

10527384_795626660488037_2428570963080531585_nSpirituality is not about setting aside moments or a specific day to connect with the Divine... it is a walk that takes place with every step you take.

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